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Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System Technician I and II Training

The basic technician level training, Technician I, exposes the CDR System user to the basic functions of the Bosch CDR System.  Upon completion of the Technician I course, the user can confidently image data from supported vehicles using the standard OBD II port, aka DLC port, in most cases.  Users will also be able to connect directly to airbag control modules and powertrain control modules to collect data.  

The Technician II training will take the user through an extensive hands-on follow up to the Technician I training course.  The course will focus on utilizing in car wiring to "back-power" modules in the vehicle when vehicle wiring systems are damaged from collisions.  This will allow the user to connect to the module via the OBD II, aka the DLC, port.