Accident Investigation


Reconstruction Specialists, Inc.

Advanced Technical Collision Investigation (Level II)

This course is the next step in the accident reconstruction training program after completing the At-Scene Collision Investigation (Level I) course.

   The course is two weeks (80 hours).

Advanced Technical Accident Investigation will cover the following topics:

Diagramming of critical scenes 
Linear perimeter measurement system for damaged vehicles 
Crush damage analysis 
Vehicle dynamics 
Occupant kinematics 
Time and distance analysis in accident investigations 
Advanced airborne equations 
Conservation of linear momentum 
Introduction to Automobile vs. Pedestrian collision analysis 
Vehicle system failures

This course is designed for the police officer or engineer that is consistently handling critical collisions and the analysis of those collisions. There is substantial course work and projects to reinforce instruction.  Students should be well versed in scientific calculator usage.

A mandatory prerequisite for this class is At Scene Collision Investigation (Level I) from an accredited source, (AIRS, Northwestern, IPTM, etc.). To attend Level II, students MUST have passed an accredited Level I accident investigation course. (e.g., AIRS, IPTM, Northwestern).

A comprehensive exam will be given at the close of each week covering the topics studied.

Advanced Technical Collision Investigation is a prerequisite for Traffic Collision Reconstruction (Level III).