Accident Investigation


Reconstruction Specialists, Inc.

Traffic Collision Reconstruction (Level III)

This is an 80-hour course designed for working reconstructionists and engineers. Students will reconstruct real-world collision using scale diagrams and crash scene documentation.  Students will learn to discuss and explain their reconstructions.  In addition to the reconstructions, students will have course work each day on the following topics:

Energy, time/distance

Formula derivations

Advanced airborne

Vehicle crush analysis and linear perimeter measurements

Courtroom testimony

Introduction to commercial vehicle and heavy truck accident reconstruction

Discussion of Event Data Recorders (EDR) and their applicability in accident reconstructions.

Introduction to the use of Unmanned Aerial Aircraft (Drones) used in collision reconstructions.

Discussion of other accident reconstruction technologies:  Photogrammetry, accelerometers, infotainment systems and digital forensics of vehicles.

Students will complete a final project that tests all aspects of the class. 

This two-week course is available for ACTAR CEU's.

To attend Level  III students MUST have passed an accredited Level I and Level II accident investigation course. (e.g. AIRS, IPTM, Northwestern).